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(42 customer reviews)
  • Improvement of Lean Body Mass
  • Improvement of Muscle Strength and Physical performance
  • Decreases of Body Fat
  • Increases of strength
  • Faster recovery
  • Greater endurance
  • Injury prevention
  • Injury repair


LGD-4033, also called Ligandrol or Anabolicum, was developed by the pharmaceutical Ligand (hence the name), with the goal in mind to promote healing properties in the body as well as stimulating positive activity in bones and muscles. He’s one of the better-studied SARMs. It’s been through multiple human trials, with interesting results. From these trials, the results have shown increases in lean body mass and decreases in body fat. There is also a significant increase in strength, well-being, as well as healing possibilities.

In studies, healthy men who took LGD-4033 for 21 days saw a significant increase in lean body mass. One milligram per day was enough to cause significant muscle growth. The higher the dose, the more muscle participants put on. In another trial, participants took doses as high as 22 mg/day with no side effects or safety issues.
In studies with rats, LGD-4033 increases bone density, muscle mass, and sex drive, without damaging prostate or liver tissue.

LGD-4033 does stimulate fat loss, so it will make you more muscular and leaner. It also stimulates the central nervous system (CNS) so it helps increase strength and performance.

Sarm Usa Lgd 4033 Structureproduct

Ingredients: 2-chloro-4-[(1R,2S)-1-[5-(4-cyanophenyl)-1,3,4-oxadiazol-2-yl]-2-hydroxypropyl]amino-3-methylbenzonitrile,organic MCT oil, natural lemon flavour with stevia.

42 reviews for LGD-4033

  1. Jeremy O.

    Excellent service and delivery

  2. Jeremy O.

    Excellent service and delivery

  3. Pierre Baron

  4. Alexis

  5. Richard

  6. Anonymous

  7. Duane

    Just got it…how do i rate it?

  8. Michael Bouffard

  9. Cory Bedard

  10. Erik Blais

    Very very pleased ???

  11. Sonny

    Seems legit, just started, muscle pump and hardness is noticeable after a week.yeah

  12. Sonny

    Seems legit, just started, muscle pump and hardness is noticeable after a week.yeah

  13. Ron Noble

  14. Brandt K.

  15. Anonymous

  16. Chadwick B.

    Haven’t used it yet but delivery was timely this time

  17. Allan Titarniuk

    Great customer service and product!

  18. Robert S

  19. Anonymous

  20. Jordan P.

    Came quickly in the mail . I Haven’t tried it yet but looks verry promising .

  21. Jordan P.

    Came quickly in the mail . I Haven’t tried it yet but looks verry promising .

  22. Maxime Jeannotte

  23. Anonymous

    Very satisfied. Immediate payment and shipping confirmations were sent, including package tracking info. Arrived a day early.

  24. Anonymous

  25. Sean

  26. Bruno ST-Laurent

  27. Richard

    Excellent product from SarmUSA

  28. Greg De Vito

  29. Jason De Matos

    Havnt tried it yet, but it came very quickly thank you

  30. Rumble

    Took this for 2 months, I wasn’t going to the gym but was doing physical labour every day and saw noticeable results, although muscle gain was minimal (but still there ) my recovery from day to day was insane, and I definitely had energy and strength.

  31. Wayne Nicholls

    I ordered on Wednesday night and received both the GW-1516 and the LGD-4033 Monday afternoon. Fast reliable service. I’ll update the status of my physical health in the next 4-6 weeks

  32. Anonymous

    In 3 weeks of taking it, I have noticed improvement in endurance and physical performance, although there hasn’t been any significant increase in strength yet. There hasn’t been any decrease in body fat but it has allowed me to eat more and maintain the same body fat. My weight has gone up but I look leaner. The taste is okay

  33. Garry

    Packaging and shipping was excellent. Now to use the SARM. Thank you.

  34. Damien Benard

    Received it yesterday, February 25th, anxious to see what it does.

  35. Anonymous

    Just started using this so it’s too early to say how well it works. The service was great, fast shipping and looks like a high quality product.

  36. kimberly macintyre

    Great, going to order more soon and discount code would be great?

  37. Steeve Etienne

  38. Philippe Bellefleur

    Great products and fast service. Good job!!

  39. Mandeep s.


  40. Mandeep s.


  41. Pitre Justin

    Ordered and got 5 days after, customer service is incredibly good, just started my first dose yesterday at 5mg daily, took some pictures and will do a before and after when done, taste is actually good as well

  42. Anonyme

    It’s working, i have more strength in the gym. The 3 stars is because of the yellow ish color the sarm have

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